Kalie Hess
Candidate for Maine State Senate District 15
Democrat for Augusta, Vassalboro, China, Oakland, and Sidney

About Kalie

Kalie lives in Augusta with her husband, Wayne, and their pet cat and bird. When she isn’t gardening, hiking, or running, she spends her time volunteering and working to make Maine a better place. Kalie is a graduate of the University of Maine and the State University of New York at Albany and has a Master’s degree in public health. She volunteers with Augusta’s bicycle and pedestrian safety group, Augusta Age-Friendly, Viles Arboretum, and is on the board of Community Housing of Maine.

In her professional life, Kalie works to create statewide efforts to improve children’s oral health in Maine. She has also worked to help reduce youth substance use, create healthier public spaces, help people get health insurance, improve health center operations, and design transportation systems that work for people.

Kalie is dedicated to making sure people can get and afford the medical care they need, protecting Maine’s environment, building strong communities, and addressing Maine’s workforce needs.


Kalie sees firsthand that struggles the Mainers are going through just to get by.
Kalie is running for Maine Senate because she knows that we can do better.

Watch the video below to learn more about Kalie's vision:

How Kalie Leads

Kalie is deeply committed to engaging people in decisions that impact them. There is a wealth of lived and professional knowledge among people in this area, and our policies are only as good as the diversity of viewpoints that are incorporated while making them. Kalie has worked collaboratively on challenging public health issues her whole professional career and intends to bring this spirit of constructive collaboration into the Maine Senate.

Kalie is running for Maine Senate because she saw an opportunity to ensure that the people of Senate District 15 have someone representing them who listens to their experiences. She wants to ensure that people in Senate District 15 have a senator who actively seeks out the voices of people who are affected by the decisions made by the legislature.

On the Issues

Helping People Find, Afford, and Get the Health Care They Need

Kalie works in health care and understands the challenges that people face accessing affordable and quality health care. She will support policies that make health care more available to everyone, regardless of where you live, who you are, or how much money you make. Health care is becoming unaffordable for a lot of reasons. Kalie supports making changes to how health care is paid for so that doctors are able to provide quality care and prioritize preventing illness. Kalie is also dedicated to building up Maine’s public health capacity to ensure that all Mainers have the opportunity to live in communities that encourage and promote health.

Protecting Maine for Now and Future Generations

Maine's environment is an important asset for tourism, agriculture, and the health of our people. Kalie believes in being forward-thinking and promoting sustainability in policymaking. For example, small farms are critical for building a food system that can serve Maine, and reduce carbon emissions. It is also critical to build incentives and infrastructure for green energy, recognizing that this will result in more good-paying and long-lasting jobs for people in the area. Kalie believes in incentivizing locally-developed alternatives to plastic, encouraging zero-waste solutions, promoting large-scale composting, and increasing recycling access for anything that can’t be composted.

Building Strong Communities

Strong communities produce quality and affordable education for children and adults, safe and affordable housing, and vibrant downtowns. Kalie believes we should fund our schools, support teachers, encourage access to trade school and apprenticeships, and address college debt. She is committed to promoting smart growth in towns, ensuring there is a variety of housing options available for people regardless of situation. Finally, Kalie is an avid small-business supporter and loves Maine’s vibrant downtowns. She supports economic policies that will encourage small business growth, make it safe to walk and play in downtown areas, and make them desirable places for people to live and work.

Addressing Maine's Workforce Shortage

Kalie has worked on workforce shortage issues in the health care field and has seen programs such as loan forgiveness work to keep and bring people to Maine. She wants to work on this issue across sectors to learn and build on programs that have been successful. Part of addressing the workforce shortage is supporting Maine workers and businesses. Kalie believes in empowering workers through supporting unions and promoting basic benefits to people who are working. Kalie is also in favor of supporting small businesses to be able to compete with larger employers, so that we can keep dollars in our local economies.

Kalie's Approach

1) She will listen. She will value your lived and professional expertise.

2) She will cooperate. She will build solutions that involve all stakeholders and trust experts on issues.

3) She will innovate. She will look to best practices to solve problems, and trust that we can lead the way on issues that matter to us all.

4) She will be bold and go forward with ideas and solutions that lift us all and don’t leave people behind.

5) She will advocate tirelessly to ensure we make progress on the issues that matter to you.


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